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My Bump, My Bump, My Lovely Baby Bump...CHECK IT OUT!

So this pregnancy hasn't been too bad so far I must admit.

I believe this is due to a very stern talk I gave to my little nugget at 4 weeks which was basic & to the point : "Kid, we have 9 months of this. Let's make this easy on the both of us, none of that Morning Sickness Bullshit ok. I like food, you'll like food, let's keep it down alright and neither of us will be cranky." 

I believe she listened LOL

Anywaysssss...I would say the hardest part of pregnancy is not feeling totally like yourself. 
The mood swings are sucky and plenty o'changes in your body. One thing that has always been "me" is FASHION. It has always been a real passion of mine and though it might sound trivial or vain, I didn't want to loose "THAT ME" at all. I think everyone can agree that when you look good you feel good.

My mother always complained about how cute maternity wear was practically non-existant when she was pregnant with me and that she made most of her clothing out of plus size clothes & menswear.

I would call myself a Frugal Fashionista. I would rather spend $200 on a bunch of 
new clothes rather than one pair of jeans or a handbag. 

When I went into the Maternity Store I was disappointed in the quality of the fashion and the price of the clothing. I would find a blouse that was basically a $79 tablecloth! Not me at all! So I walked out with 2 pairs of Maternity Jeans I found on sale for $40 each & decided to take a cue from my mom and decided to look elsewhere....IN MY CLOSET.

So here is my personal Maternity Fashion, Where I buy from, & for the most part how much it cost -give or take a bit due to Prego Brain lol :

So I started my pregnancy going into Fall. 
Fall Fashion this year was the start of Tribal Prints making a come back and a lot of Cardigans.

These pictures are from 15 & 16 weeks, which is that weird point where your weight gain looks like a "beer belly" haha Not quite a baby bump yet
So I really liked wearing basic t-shirts and dressing them up in accessories and the cardigan would frame that little bump in a cute way.

Basic White Tee - Joyce Leslie (Carle Place, N.Y.)  - $6
Tribal Cardigan - Joyce Leslie - $30
Knit Flower Hat - Joyce Leslie - $5
Owl Pendant Necklace - Joyce Leslie - $8
Bootcut Maternity Jeans - Destination Maternity - $40 ON SALE

Same White Tee from above
Seafoam Cardigan - Joyce Leslie -$17
Seafoam Acrylic Necklace - H&M - Under $20
Same Maternity Jeans from above

I feel like most maternity dresses are generally empire waist but a lot of them give the "tent" effect.
When you're pregnant you're already looking wider you DON'T need anymore help with that!

I think that Form Fitting is the best way to go - SHOW OFF THAT BUMP!
It's the one time in your life that your big round belly is a cute thing - TAKE ADVANTAGE! LOL
That said - Make sure its Form Fitting - NOT TIGHT - you want to still be comfortable & not cut off your circulation!

21 Weeks
Black & Charcoal Foil Dress - Joyce Leslie (Commack, N.Y.) - Under $30

22 Weeks - NEW YEAR'S
Purple Metallic One-Shoulder Dress - Joyce Leslie (Farmingdale, N.Y.) - Under $30

**Funny enough I bought this dress for New Year's 2012 but I didn't wear it because 
I had a bit of a "tummy" 
Who would've thought it would look cute with my new BIG tummy! LOL

**CAUTION : My only complaint is regardless of being pregnant this dress is a smidge see through, so I wore a Black Maternity Spanx underneath it but I was still really comfortable

I've always been a fan of leggings but they are like a gift from God when your pregnant!

They are easy, comfortable, and can go with anything!
It was VERY difficult for me to find cute maternity leggings - I only found black and brown.
So I moved on to the Plus Size sections of my normal haunts and had a lot more success!

Horizontal Stripe Tunic Sweater - Joyce Leslie - $17
**Pre-pregnancy I wasn't into horizontal stripes because of its widening effect but this tunic's two vertical stripes on the side really defined the shape of my body.
**Horizontal stripes can work during pregnancy & non pregnancy if the sides are defined by something like a blazer or cardigan.
Cranberry Leggings - Plus Size Section in Rainbow Store - $10

I like animals prints but there is a fine like between fashionable & jersey shore reject! LOL

When you're pregnant you run the risk of looking like you skinned the damn animal and 
put it on your back! 
So when it comes to prints I usually opt for one article of animal print clothing offset by basics OR
a smaller/tighter pattern for use all over.

26 Weeks
John Zack Maternity Leopard Print Dress - - $35 USD AFTER SHIPPING!
**By far my best purchase to date! I've found that the UK has a great selection of maternity wear but generally the GBP to USD prices blow. 

I found this dress marked down from its original price of $80 USD!
After paying Shipping & Handling I only payed $35 USD and the only hassle was 
waiting about a week and half for it to come from the UK but it was WELL WORTH IT!
The fabric of this dress is SO COMFORTABLE!

This pattern isn't small but the design itself is basic. It's 3/4 sleeve, scoop neck, and short. 
I kept the rest of my looks even more simple: 
Small earrings and small black shoes.
I wore stocking because I was going to a wedding & it was cold out but I love 
the casualness of this dress as well.

**This dress could be worn without stockings, paired with a studded leather jacket, 
high black heels to give it more of a night-out look.

I LOVEEE a good blazer and the past two years we have seen colored blazers 
popping up every season in different hues!

At the beginning of my pregnancy I could pull off a size Large. 
Now at the end I'm pushing the XL.
But THANK GOD plus size stores & clothing in have become much more trendy
so there is a much larger selection these days.

28 Weeks
Bright Blue Blazer - H&M - $35
Basic White Tank- Joyce Leslie - $6
Teal & Gold Necklace - H&M - $13

I love a little edge to clothing & I think it's ridiculous when people 
say you shouldn't wear black or skull designs when your pregnant - THAT'S BULLSHIT! 

So this was my "Edgy-Rock Chic" look for 32 weeks
Before I straightened my hair lol

Black Knit Sweater with Gold Studded Shoulders - Joyce Leslie (Farmingdale, N.Y.) - $17
Camo Leggings - 2CUTE (Broadway Mall) - $17
**These were a real pain to find because I prefer a darker camouflage -more of a moss green.
I find that color more aesthetically pleasing and slimming compared to the faded light green
Over the Knee Black Platform Boots - AFAZE (Queens Center Mall) - $25 ON SALE
Leopard Print Clutch/Wallet - Target (College Point, N.Y.) - $4 ON CLEARANCE
Gold Metal Feather Earrings - Charlotte Russe (Broadway Mall) - $6

...So this has been my little Fashion Chronology so far I'll keep you posted but
90% of my looks have been non-maternity wear so it can be used post pregnancy too!

I think the key is to be comfortable! 
Ladies, STOP trying to fit into your old jeans!
Invest in 2 good pairs of Maternity Jeans - At least 1 Boot Cut & then 2 different washes
If they are a good fit you will have them the ENTIRE pregnancy!

And regardless if you are pregnant or not... 

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