Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is that a BUN IN YOUR OVEN or are you just happy to see me??!

Sooooooo...I have been crazy M.I.A. for months now!! It has been an interest few months so here's the run down:

#1 - I started a new business venture that I'm so excited to be proudly announcing in a few weeks!! So stay tuned for that because it has been a longggggg time coming!!

#2 - I've been working like a crazy person between Makeup, Cakes, & Invitations!! Business has been good so I cannot complain at all! Here's are a few shots of my recent cakes:

1.) A "Fiesty 50th Birthday Cake" it was made in a topsy turvy form and covered in different animal prints

2.) A"Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake" for a young boy

Top View of the "Sewar Cap"

I had so much fun with both of these cakes!! And I'm really excited for a TOP SECRET cake I'll be doing soon!

#3. Last but certainly NOT LEAST! The thing that has had me wrapped up the past couple of months was a lovely little surprise my husband and I received news on, on our 1st Wedding Anniversary.....WE'RE PREGNANT!! 

We were SHOCKED to say the least!! It's been a world wind couple of months!! I have never really broadcasted this but I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) when I was 10 years old. I suffered from massive painful cysts throughout the years and I was told conceiving a child would be difficult for me, so my husband and I figured we would cross that bridge when we got there. Needless to say we were so shocked & happy to receive such amazing news!! 

I'm officially 7 months pregnant now and we are having a BABY GIRL around May!! So the hubs & I have been in the process of selling our co-op, moving to a new home, getting ready for the baby, and I'm planning my baby shower. It will be small & intimate but it's still taking work to get it done! lol If you knew me well you would know I am NOT A SURPRISE GIRL! lmfao I am so not for that and let's be serious, I'm an invitation designer it would be a bit hard to go around me with that sort of thing!

Here is our Pouty Little Princess!!
Sal & I went to Impact 3D Ultrasound in Hicksvile. 
The sono tech was SO NICE!! It's a small little office room in an office building but it was still comfortable!!

I'm excited to post pics of the invites & all the party details when the party comes around, but meanwhile I'm going to post my pregnancy fashion, because the one thing I was disappointed with was Maternity Store shopping! They were either frumpy, expensive, OR BOTH!  So  I will do some posts with what I've been wearing, where I found it, and with the few brain cells I have left (due to SEVERE BABY BRAIN) I will try to remember how much everything cost! lmfao 

I'm going to be posting like rapid fire to make up for loss time and I'll be posting pretty regularly since I will be slowly down with outside work due to the fact that I am becoming a hot air balloon! I will start having a little more time on my hands!!


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